How to Install WP Themes Manually

Jul 24, 2023

Whether you’re creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, WordPress themes make it quick and easy to add character to your site.

WordPress themes are templates and stylesheets created by web designers and developers that are available to download directly to your site. They cut out the difficult parts of website design, like coding, so you can focus on creating and publishing engaging content.

Both WordPress and third-party sources offer a myriad of free and premium themes for you to download. The only work you’ll need to do is install and customize it.

Installing a WordPress Theme Through the Theme Directory

Installing a WordPress theme can improve the look and performance of your website. The theme directory on WordPress allows you to search for and install a free theme for WordPress.

1. Log in to your WordPress account.

To begin, log in to your WordPress account.

2. Navigate to Appearance > Themes.

On the menu on the left side of the dashboard, hover your mouse over Appearance, and select Themes within that option box.

3. On the Themes page, select “Add New” or search by theme type or price.

On this page, you can search for themes by their style or price. Use the search bar or scroll through the options provided on the home page.

If you would like to upload a new theme, you can do so by selecting the install or upload button. This will take you to the following screen where you can upload your theme file. 

How to Install and Setup a WordPress Theme (Complete Guide for 2021)

4. Choose a theme.

LIf you aren’t uploading a new theme, you can select from featured themes, popular themes, or latest themes in the theme marketplace. You can even search for themes with specific features, such as themes with sticky posts or full-width templates; layouts, such as grid layouts or two-column layouts; and subject, such as blogs, eCommerce, or photography.

5. Click Download to begin the installation process.

When you’ve chosen a theme, hover over the preview image of the theme. You’ll have the option to click More Info to learn about the theme’s features and preview the theme, or you can click Activate This Design to begin the installation process.

how to install a wordpress theme, activate design

6. Click Activate once complete.

The theme will take a few minutes to install. After installing, you’ll receive a message that the installation was successful. But the theme isn’t live on your website just yet! Be sure to select Activate for the theme to appear on your site.

New theme confirmation wordpress

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